BLUEWATER AQUASCAPES biologists Joe Bycz and David Clippinger, have more than 15 years of professional aquatic experience with a specialty in the design, construction and maintenance of aquariums and ponds. We stock and landscape our ponds from our own 7000 gallon koi breeding facility and aquatic plant nursery.

Some of our current clients and projects include:

-Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, FL - Mollusk Cove Exhibit, Nurse Shark research facility and Clearnose Skate research facility

-Unicorp Development Corporation, Orlando, FL - 400 gal double bow-front custom aquarium

-Marriott Vacation Club lobby - 300 gal. special effects tank

-Darden Restaurants, Orlando, FL, Red Lobster Restaurants - Twin 90 gal book end display aquariums

-Fear Factor Attraction-Eel tank display, Universal Studios - Hollywood and Orlando, FL locations

David Clippinger - President:
David has a Master degree in Biological Science from the University of Central Florida, majoring in Zoology with an emphasis in Limnology. David has over 15 years experience in the marine biology field at The Living Seas at Walt Disney World.

He was a part of the opening crew at The Living Seas aquarium, a 5.7 million gallon Caribbean reef display and the Shark Reef aquarium at Typhoon Lagoon, a 400,000 gal. salt water snorkel adventure.

David is experienced in the handling and transportation of many marine animals, including manatees, sea turtles, large elasmobranchs, fishes and alligators. He has been the team leader for over 50 collection trips in the FL Keys for display animals. David is Master Diver certified (PADI), NAUI rescue diver, with many specialty certifications and boat handling experience.

Joe Bycz - Vice President
Joe has conducted graduate work in Fish Pathology from the Northern Illinois University, Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences from the State University at Binghamton and an Associate of Applied Science, Chemical Technology.

Joe was a part of the opening team at The Living Seas at Walt Disney World where he was an aquarist for over 14 years. He was acting aquarium curator for 2 of those years. During his work at The Living Seas, he helped design, develop and manage over 30 exhibits, quarantine facilities and holding areas.

He has worked closely with many educational groups and animal rehabilitation programs. He ensured compliance with several government agencies and AZA accreditation standards.

Prior to his work at The Living Seas, Joe was the owner of the Living Gallery, an aquarium consulting company and a marine biologist at Coral World in St. Thomas and Sea World of FL.

Both David and Joe have been longstanding members of the American Zoo and Aquarium Assoc. and the American Elasmobranch Society.