Aquariums are appealing because they are like living artwork that is constantly changing and moving. At BLUEWATER AQUASCAPES, our biologists can assist you in every detail, from choosing the proper aquarium size and design to the best fish selection.

We can build aquariums of any size or shape, free standing, built into a wall or as a room divider. Our custom cabinets and enclosures are designed to blend with your decor and enhance the beauty of your surroundings.

With our knowledge of the latest state of the art filtration systems, a BLUEWATER AQUASCAPES aquarium combines the best filtration system with the custom look to make your aquarium a show piece.

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80 gal. acrylic corner aquarium 90 gal. glass salt-water aquarium


180 gal. built-in aquarium 400 gal. double bow-front

110 gal. acrylic aquarium 160 gal. room divider

60 gal. acrylic built-in aquarium 90 gal. acrylic corner aquarium

Red Lobster Harbor Home twin corner tanks

Hexagon salt water lagoon Refrigerated lobster display tank